Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

as i lie awake this morning at 4 am, trying to go back to sleep after a feeding, i was thinking of all the things i was thankful for. now that it's 9:30, i'm having a hard time remembering what all i planned to say.

1. I'm thankful that I am more consistantly getting 4 hours of sleep uninterrupted. I'm more thankful that when we get back from our trip to Dothan at the end of the month, sister is gonna have to start doing a little CIO at night. (I'm hoping that she doesn't wake the boys up in the process!!)

2. I'm thankful that my BF Ellen has lived up here the last year. It has been really neat, after all of these years apart, to get to know her as a mom and get to develop our friendship as adults. (I'm also thankful that Maddie had a good first day of kindergarten yesterday. We missed you while you were gone!)

3. I'm thankful that i can call my mama on the phone and gab most everyday. I hope I can do that with Ally Claire when she is a mama.

4. I'm thankful that for once in my life, I wasn't completely ADD and stuck out nursing school. I will always have a job I can go back to or if God forbid anything ever happened to Micah's job.

5. I'm thankful I have reconnected with so many of my childhood friends through the blogs. It is great to know you aren't alone in the world of toddlerhood, tantrums and potty training.

6. I'm thankful that Micah is thinking he needs to go back to the ENT when we get back from Dothan. Hopefully that surgery that he has needed for a while isn't too far from now and it will help with his breathing situation...or lack thereof.

7. I'm thankful that God made me a woman and that i can multitask. There is rarely a moment in my life that requires that I do one thing at a time. The other day, I was giving Ally Claire a bottle, putting on make up and "reading" Good Night Moon to Seth all at the same time. ("reading" meaning he turned the pages while i recited the story that i have counts!!)

8. I'm thankful Mrs. Bonnie was here yesterday when my boys decided it would be fun to tear up Ally Claire's wreath that I made her for the hospital door. If not, I would have gone postal on them. I settled for a calm voice, spankings and corners in stead. That was hard.

9. I'm thankful for clarity at 3 am when I'm typically feeding Ally Claire. It is when I get my best prayers in for the day b/c I don't have anyone interrupting me, for once. (I mean come know I can't even use the potty alone.)

10. i'm thankful that bones don't break that easily when you are young b/c I know the boys are trying to kill each other!


Tony and Susan said...

i will say it again...i LOVE thankful thursdays. you would think that if i love them that much then i would start doing them. humph. anyway, amen to #7! you da woman!

Brandy said...

becky! i am so glad we have reconnected. when you describe yourself as a smart mouth, i think back to the times when we did it so well together. sounds like your life is as good as you could have hoped for...a great mom, wife and christian woman. keep in touch!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I totally agree about the one with not killing your children because somebody else was there. Mine have benefitted from that one on several occasions!!

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