Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tropical storm twelve...

12 pack of cookies
11 of them eaten
10 (the time micah went to bed everynight)
9 troopers in the first 45 minutes
8 inches of rain from friday afternoon until sunday morning
7 different people to hold ally claire
6 hour trip, one way
5 magazines
4 days with family
3 snotty noses
2 items left behind
1 exhausted mama

this is the summary of our trip in numbers. this post will likely lack the spunk i usually try to add to make my typically boring life a little more lively b/c i feel like t-total-bum today. TMI moment--but i'm assuming it's just us girls...i'm in the throws of my first real post baby/no birth control TOM and it's a doozy.) i have been postponing this post because i want to post pics with it, but i hate to pull them off of the camera just yet. we finally did have to buy a new computer, which micah did yesterday, and it has to be shipped to us. this one is operating off of a different hard drive. so i'll have to come back and insert pics at a different time. last week i spent 2 days on laundry, getting everything cleaned, folded, sorted, and packed. (let's just insert the fact that i have 4 people to pack and unpack while micah still has just one. hmmmm...something wrong with that math.) anyway, we had a pretty good and uneventful trip down. only had to break the law a couple of times to settle sister. around troy she was spent. she thought it was only necessary to take a couple of 30 minute naps within those 6 hours. so when we got there, she went down for a nap pretty well and wasn't real thrilled when we woke her up to take her to supper at my aunt's little restaurant. but she was a good girl and came home, went down at 8:15 and didn't MOVE until 3:30. that is 7 hours in a row, people. she took a bottle and kept right on sleeping. (the next night she slept from 9-5!! and has done the same ever since!!) the rain moved in on us friday night and i was disappointed because my 6 year old nephew, jamey, was supposed to have football practice. but that just meant we got to spend more time with scott (my brother), sherri and the boys. saturday was a quiet day. we were rained in and it was just us and pop and mimi. we went to my brother's house that the tropical we could spend some time with nana and papa, who haven't seen AC since they left the hospital and she was still on the ventilator. (nana-my mom- actually snuck over to pop-my dad- and mimi's the night before for a few minutes. she was about to die to finally get to hold ally claire.) the boys got out all the super hero costumes and dressed up and played as hard as they could while being inside. we had a good supper of breakfast food requested by little sethy bean. then we went back to pop's so i could wash clothes and repack. sunday morning was up and at 'em so that we could try to make it to troy for church (where micah and i met). we were doing great...until a few minutes down the road from pop's luke (who slept in until 8 or so) said "daddy, i forgot my tiger." thankfully pop was coming through where we pulled over to go to his church and they were able to bring it to us. we were only about 10 minutes late for church. we got to catch up with some good friends and have lunch with them. however, in troy is where we realized we left our packed cooler in the garage at pop's house. drinks for the way home. and thank goodness i had packed one extra bottle and a formula dispenser in the bag b/c a bottle was in that cooler as well. her ride home was terrible. oh my gracious!! thank goodness we didn't get pulled over b/c i had to *ahem* calm her down at least 5 times in our 4 hours it took to get from troy to athens. that would have been a pretty ticket and a possible DHR call. let's just say that i have a snuggle baby who loves her mama and leave it at that for calming her down. anywho, we made it. the kids allllll woke up with snotty noses on monday, making my day much longer. i went ahead and called the pedi since she is concerned about anything respiratory due to ACs NICU history. she sounded better last night, but is a little stuffy today. she is still sleeping well at night. i have her in the pack-n-play with is propped up on cinder blocks. she had graduated to her crib on sunday night, but that was before the stuffy/runny nose. also, we have a humidifier in our room, which they recommended and i haven't gotten around to the store to get one for her room yet.

next week preschool starts, so that will make the gas bill add up again. seth will go on thursdays and luke on tuesdays and thursdays. that means a little bigger grocery bill this weekend, also. it's always something. finally got unpacked yesterday and got everything put away...except now i have mountains of clothes to wash...again. does it ever end? tonight i plan to sit in front of my TV in my room, not to be distracted, with my ironing board and my Jon & Kate + 8 marathon. i DO love them and secretly wish i could live with them. what's 1 more, right? (plus i'm potty trained and a germaphobe and OCD, so i'd fit right in!!)


Vaughn said...

I would love to live with them too!! I have my tickets to see them in October!!

Dana said...

Kudos to you for getting AC sleeping through the night on a trip! You go momma. Trips still screw us up! Glad ya'll made it home!

Vaughn said...

get a ticket and come on down! I am actually going to skip class that day!

The HoneaBees said...

I can't quite remember how I got to your blog, but I grew up with Micah at Plainview CoC...I have enjoyed catching up on y'all. Your blog is hilarious! Tell Micah that Kera said Hey!

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