Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and it continues

3:45 am:: bladder wakes me up
4:20 am:: hear seth's acquarium in the monitor; i'm still awake
4:45 am:: hear seth's acquarium stop; i'm still awake
5:15 am:: hear foot steps coming down the hall and through the living room and for the first time ever, luke is out of his bed. seth must have woken him up; i'm still awake
5:16 am:: luke is disoriented and wants to know where daddy is...(right here beside me) why are you up? my hands are asleep. seth, why are you up? i had a bad dream. micah, take luke back to bed. seth, crawl in a second.
5:30 am:: seth, you have to go to your bed. stop in the living room to dry it up in case luke is asleep.
5:31 am:: luke isn't asleep.
5:55 am:: i hear talking in the monitor. i get up to turn it off. i am ill as a hornet.
6:10 am:: make luke get on the couch.
6:20 am:: i fall asleep...HARD.
7:25 am:: don't hear a sound until micah is walking out the door. holler at kids in living room to be quiet.
8:17 am:: finally haul it out of bed. seriously couldn't get my eyes to open, although the constant bickering kept me mentally awake.
12:15 pm:: finally down for a nap (boys)
12:55 pm:: still not asleep. they will stay there until bed time if they don't nap. they need seperate rooms.
2:05 pm:: after a couple of warnings and 2 spankings, i'm too tired to try anymore, i seperated them for the jillionth day. please, somebody buy my house. we desperately need 4 bedrooms. it's no longer what i would consider a luxury item. i am debating taking in a roommate in AC just to seperate the boys. seriously.
2:10 pm:: i think i want to quit. can i do that? can you quit your stay at home job? i didn't think so. that is mama needing a nap talking. new medicine is wearing me out.
2:39 pm:: all kids asleep. looking up valentines day ideas for the kiddos. (cause i really do love them. i'm just seriously tired. that reason is 2 fold.) wind about to blow my house down. will escape when micah gets home for sanity.
3:00 pm:: micah gets off in 2 hours, will be home in about 3. i can do it.


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

So sorry for the bad day, sista. Not sleeping will get you every time. This is a phase. You are a great mom! Think of the many women that would LOVE to be stay at home moms- ME!!! And then think of mothers morning out. It will be here soon. You can make it. You are really doing a great job!!!
Hugs to you!

Tiffany said...

You CAN do it, Becky!

Susannah said...

YOu are doing a great job! I think it's fabulous to juggle 3 kids, a hubby, a house who is on the market and everything else!

Tony and Susan said...

awe! hang in there, chick! i feel so sorry for you!!! i really hope your house sells!

Dana said...

Girl, I understand! It never fails that I pop wide awake every morning at 4:30! So frustrating!

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