Friday, February 13, 2009

my little ones

would yall help me out please? my little fella is sick. i mean cruddy, coughing, runny/stuffy nose sick. and i'm PRAYING the other 2 don't get it. i have no idea if it is sinus/allergy flair up from being outside so much, or if it is YET SOMETHING ELSE the little darling brought home from the carrier monkeys kids at MMO/church. but he is a little puny these days. i heard sis cough a few times on the way to the party this morning...and just now while she is napping...and yall know with her rough start, it just freaks me out for her to be sick. all nursing knowledge goes out the window on that one. i'm afraid we may be at the doc in the morning. happy valentine's day!! i'll try to get some party pics up soon!


Tiffany said...

I'm sorry The Crud has made it to the Tucker house, but I can't stop laughing at your "carrier monkey" comment. I'm praying that it all styas in the one little monkey who's got it right now -- and that it doesn't last long there, either.

Vaughn said...

You know it could have a lot to do with the weather. Cold in the morning and nice and warm in the afternoon! Does that really make kids sick? Sounds like a good idea though! Sorry I am not much help! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Sabrina said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. My two just pass it back and forth all the time. About the time that one gets well the other comes down with it. Maybe this one will be short and sweet for your fam!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I will definitley be thinking about y'all. Have you tried the vicks vapor rub on the feet? I know it sounds crazy, but it has always helped mine. Happy VD!

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