Friday, February 6, 2009

funny friday

driving home from church wednesday night, in the van, me, luke and seth.

seth:: "momma, (something something something...stutter stutter...don't remember exactly what he was saying)"

from the back of the van

luke:: "spit it out, seth!"

same lunch as the other day...

luke:: (looking for something in the pantry, seth at table) "seth, are your eyes blind?"
seth:: "what?"
luke:: (annoyed and louder) "are your eyes blind?"
seth:: "no. and my hair's not blonde either."
luke:: (very annoyed that a 3 year old doesn't understand what he is saying, and louder) "NO!! not blonde, BLIND. you you can't see!!!"
seth:: "oh. no."

mama in background thinking "you may want to ask him if he is hearing impared." but knew immediately seth would say something about not being a pear.

happy weekend ladies. love!!


Darby said...

hilarious thanks for the laugh!!!!!!! sounds like our house!

Tony and Susan said...

ha! too funny! i feel like a loser because i feel like i never have time to catch up on the blogs i read. i'll try to catch up your posts! love ya!

Susannah said...

Hilarious! Love it! Hope ya'll have a great weekend! ;)

Kelley said...

Funny stuff. Cherish these moments while they are little and sweet. Soon you'll have two big teenage stinky boys!

Tara said...

Too funny! That sounds a lot like my conversations with Camille who is four.

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