Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WFMW:: saving precious breaths

If you are joining me from Rocks In My Dryer...WELCOME!! This is my very first try at "Works For Me Wednesday" and I hope I don't disappoint!! Let me start by saying that for my visitors, I will be using capital letters today. Normally, I don't. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Dana asked about any helpful mommy tips. I wasn't thinking that I had any, but I DO have two that I thought were pure genius. (And now that I just said that, I'm sure you have done these same things. But I've had a bad couple of days and need a little self-back-patting!)

As moms, especially if you are at home during the day and making every meal, we spend tons of time in the kitchen. And that isn't really a bad thing. But, we plan the meals. We shop for the meals. We cook the meals. And then there is the mommyhood right of passage. We have to BLOW ON THE FOOD! And the more kids you have, the more breaths you are required to give. And I have 3 young kids. That could easily be a good 15 minutes of heavy breathing looking like a blow fish while your own food gets cold "just right". So in the summer when my first child was 2, I had had enough!! I am only given a few precious breaths and I'd like to use them on something other than blowing on pita pizzas where melted cheese never wants to cool off and a million tiny pieces of cut up hot dog. And I bought THIS...

i can't tell you how many years i have added on to my life by saving my breaths and letting this little invention do the work. Now we can all eat at the same time!!

Number two came from the need to get nutritious food into my CHILD and not clean it off of the FLOOR! My second little fella was a notorious spoon-turner-overer. He couldn't seem to get his applesauce into his mouth from the spoon. And after tiring of so much being wasted, I started taking a straw and cutting it in half. I stuck the spoon into the applesauce and he was able to slurp to his hearts content. No more wasting and no more messes. Instant sanity!!

I hope some of these tips work for you and save you some breaths and sanity along the way!!


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Love it and GOOD FOR YOU for linking to Rocks. I've always loved it when I can get that together!
Can I just say, THANK YOU FOR THE CAPITAL LETTERS. I know it was tough, but my eyes thank you.
And I LOVE your tips! I need to try the fan and the straw IS pure genius. I think those are both terrific! I need a good kitchen tip for making my table sane! ha! It looks like the coupon section/ school papers/ caulking gun have thrown up there and we just hand each other food around it. Sad, really. Just sad.

WV: minglog- I got nothin.

Tiffany said...

Great ideas! I'm going to keep those in mind...

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