Monday, February 16, 2009

my introduction to mommyhood

they are all 3 sick and we are all loading up and going to the doc this morning. lil sis had a little temp this morning with some thick yellow mucus (good morning. isn't that the word you wanted to see first thing?) and poor child WON'T sleep. i seriously drugged her last night for her sake and mine. i'm hoping to be sent home with some symptom relief at least. just pray for this mama (and especially her baby girl!!) i will be lysoling and bleaching and wiping every surface that may have been looked at lately. oh, and the boys are sick, but still rambunctious. fun times. oh...and i have guilt. i'm wondering if III am the carrier monkey that gave this to them. remember why i went to the doc 3-4 weeks ago to begin with? it wasn't for thyroid issues. that was just a bonus.


Susannah said...

Love ya girl! :) I'll be praying for a speeding recovery.

Ivy said...

Oh no!!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon...and good luck to you too:)

Sabrina said...

Poor things (all four of you)! I hope that they all get some meds and start to feel better!!

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