Friday, February 20, 2009

the longest week

this past week has been the 2nd longest week of my life!! (sorry, the 10 days in the NICU will hold a strong first for a long time to come!) i have been trying to post pictures on here for 3 days!! THREE!!! i can't even tell you how ill this makes me. i have wanted to cuss, throw my computer (even though it's not her fault) and SERIOUSLY thought about breaking up with blogger. all 3 kiddos seem to be getting much better!! i haven't heard the boys cough today at all so far, and sis only had to have her nose sucked out a couple of times yesterday and i let her skip a breathing treatment.

(this is sis in her fish face nebulizer mask)

she has sounded clear as a bell when she has slept at night and yesterday she napped sooooooo much better!!! that just thrills my soul!! giving her breathing treatments and hearing her sound so sick was kind of like an acid flashback, only without the pretty lights. or so i'm told. i also was at court yesterday with my friend for a custody case (another flashback i didn't want to relive) and everything worked out just the way it should and i am sooooo thankful to God for that. and i'm thankful to those of you i asked for prayer. i know it made our day!! (and when i got home, we had a surprise house fun??) i had to say goodbye to that same friend, one who has been one of my best for 15 years, this morning as she makes her way across the country for the next 4 years. i hate it when you know something is for the best, but it makes your heart so heavy with sadness.

if blogger will ever cooperate, i have promised you a blog filled with pics of our last week cooped up. and i intend to oblige. i got a new camera for valentine's day/my birthday next month/mother's day...etc and i have pics to show!! i haven't figured much out about it yet other than point and shoot, but i'll have it for a long time, so there is room for improvement. micah said "hey, even i can take a decent picture with this!!"


Ivy said...

Glad you're back...and that everyone is beter!

Kellie said...

I'm in the market for a new camera - what kind did you get?

becky said...

check ya email, kellie

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

WOOHOO on the new camera!
And I'm glad everyone is on the mend. Have a lovely weekend!

Sabrina said...

Very glad to hear that ya'll are doing better!

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