Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you are getting to me (with random pics)

never let it be said that i don't delight in learning from other mothers. cause i absolutely do!! i know several of you serve your families hot breakfasts. and well, unfortunately i didn't grow up that way and as "luck" would have it, i have an extremely picky eater for my first born.
**to clarify, i'm not trying to figure out what to do for him. i gave up on him years ago. he got a stomach virus when he was 15 months and has never eaten the same again. i am just hounding for your faves or new recipes. he doesn't eat meat, actual bread (only crackers), eggs, pancakes, waffles, muffins, whole fruit/veggies....the list keeps on going. when people say "they'll eat"...they never met luke. he will absolutely starve for 3 days and never give in. we had a stand off over 1 bite of chicken nugget for 2 hours one night. he would never chew it. he held it there until it was all gross and slimey and then some.**

so i never got in the habit. he will choose a poptart over anything else any day of the week...hands down. and let me just say, he absolutely prefers the chocolate ones. so you know, health. at least i make him alternate with cereal. however, i have been thinking about it lately. i have already said how i have gotten completely lazy over the last year+ and get up about the time micah is walking out the door and the boys are at the table. but come fall...we will be in big school. KINDERGARTEN!!! i just cannot believe it. and let me just go ahead and say now...I AM COUNTING THE HOURS. the number of fights that i will have to break up will be cut down by half, surely.

ok, all that to say...do you have any make ahead, tried and true recipes? there are biscuits, muffins, pancakes, breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, eggs...do you have anything else to offer? do you make any kind of "bars"? what's your favorite? what freezes well? help a momma out who is trying to do better by her family. i trust you. (this is puppy dog eyes pleading for help.)

also, here is a glimpse of my refrigerator.

i find myself writing verses that i really like (or really need to work on) on index cards, but they wind up in my drawer. so, i bought some magnetic "buttons" at walmart in the craft section and stuck them to the back. and voila...a memory verse collage for momma!


Sabrina said...

The cookbook that jerry sinfields wife wrote has some really good recipes in it. Lots of muffins (one is a chocolate!) The recipes have a little twist though. It incorporates vegetables a (hidden so the kids don't know). My kids also get a helping of fresh fruit every morning (grapes, strawberry, banana, oranges.) -f you are interested in trying a couple of the recipes, let me know and - will send you a few.

Melissa said...

I had a breakfast dilemma when my oldest started kindergarten last year, but it was opposite from yours. Since my mom kept him while I work, I would just take him in his jammies and he'd eat breakfast at her house. Well, she had him spoiled, eating homemade biscuits or pancakes every morning. All I could think is, "There is NO WAY I can manage a cooked breakfast and get both of us off to school on time!" However, it worked out okay. Turns out, kindergarten's lunch time was 10:30, so if he were to eat a big breakfast like he was used to, he wouldn't be hungry for anything at lunch. So, he eats pop tarts or cereal during the week, and then we usually cook breakfast on the weekends. He's managed just fine! And I have too! So, you might want to check into what time kindergarten eats lunch....it may be a situation similar to mine. And don't beat yourself up....we do what we have to do, and you have no idea how many kids come to school without breakfast at all....or the supplies they need, etc.

Vaughn said...

My kids like the usual that you listed, but I used to make breakfast pizza for them. Scramble eggs, sausage or bacon, and some cheese. You can use the fridge rollout pizza crust. This doesn't take too long and the bacon or sausage can be cooked the night before.

The cooked book listed in the first post is great!! My kids really like the sweet potato pancakes.

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Love the verses on the fridge. I know I would definitely look there- say 100 times a day.
I wish I DID know a make ahead breakfast recipe. I get up before the kiddos to have some time to myself and if I'm super on top of things (have time) we'll have eggs or bacon. If not, we have milk, cheerios, a bagel/ waffle or cinnamon toast and 2 fruits.
Clockwork around here.
I can't function without a plan, you know.
I am going to try some of the other tips here, though, and branch out. Getting wild over here. Getting wild.

EmbroideryRN said...

been thinkin about ya'll, kiss them babies for me! hugs, harriette

Darby said...

Hmmmm... will he eat a bagel or toaster waffle? My girls love those and they're quick. Or you might could make a big batch of whole wheat pancakes freeze em in quart size freezer bags and pull them out in the morning. Maybe you can just be out of the pop tarts so they're not even an option... if they're not there he can't eat them! :) Check out the cereal aisle there are all kinds of oatmeals.. will he eat that? And they're usually really quick. My girls will also eat toast with peanut butter & honey which is whole wheat and has good protein. I'll be thinking of any other ideas... but if you don't want him to eat poptarts... don't buy them... I know, sounds easy but I know it's not!

Tiffany said...

To get him a little morning protein, you could "frost" his chocolate poptart with peanut butter. It's not ideal, but it will at least give him something with a little bit more substance. If you feel like getting really high falutin' (and Elvis-y), you can slice a banana on top of the peanut butter on top of the poptart. (Plus, it's tastes so stinkin' good!)

Jan said...

I've got several muffin recipes that incorporate canned pumpkin into them. I know it sounds kinda gross, but you can't taste it and it gets a good veggie in. Hannah used to LOVE them (before the diet of course). She would see them on the counter and say "Take peas"..."take" being her version of cake. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send 'em your way!

aedozier said...

So he doesn't eat meat, loaf bread, eggs, pancakes, waffles, muffins, whole fruit/veggies...etc. Will he drink a "milk shake" aka yogurt shake with pureed fruit and peanut butter in it? That way he gets protein from the peanut butter, dairy from the yogurt and milk and fruit! You could do that and if he insists on the poptart, just give him one out of the pack along with the shake. Google breakfast shakes for kids and see what you come up with. MM is getting pickier, but we do a nutrigrain bar, cheese toast or waffle along with a banana or grapes EVERY week day! My child is a creature of habit...she gets it honest.

Monica said...

Now Bosley is going to be jealous

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