Saturday, February 14, 2009

a day full o' luv

happy valentine's day from the tuckers!

these 3 are sick, but have still managed to have a good time despite the fact that momma got no sleep b/c of middle man coughing a lung up. (notice that brown freckle in his left eye? it's nearly the only thing of micah in him!!)

we have made cinnamon rolls with pink butter cream icing, we have made sugar cookies with icing, sprinkles and M&Ms, heart shaped pizzas and heart wreaths. i haven't downloaded today's pics yet, with all the crud and nose wiping. but surely you'll like a post with nothing but pics, right??

sissy's outfit compliments of my mom. it's a hershey's kisses criss-cross back top with "clown pants". i thought it was super appropriate for yesterday's valentine's party.

ps--please pray sis doesn't get too sick. the boys can handle it, but it could turn into RSV quickly with her.


Darby said...

OH Becky, I will pray that sweet Sis doesn't get sick! I hope the rest of your little Valentine's will feel real better real soon!

Tony and Susan said...

i'm thinking that this year is the last year i can get away with not doing anything valentines for the babies. thanks for letting me know what you do so i can take notes :).
does ac get the synagis shot since she was in the nicu?

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

As the mamma of someone who had RSV livin' in her house last February, I will definitely pray that y'all are covered in health and will get better soon. RSV stinks! As does any funk, but particularly that one!!
Love ya'!

Susannah said...

OH, I hope they get better soon! The outfit A.C. is in is absolutely adorable! I love it!! Hope ya'll had a great Valentine's. Sorry, I haven't been online...our computer has a virus. I'm at school, so just wanted to say hi!F;)

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