Thursday, February 26, 2009

glow little glow worm...

due to having a severely warped sense of humor, i thought that was a very appropriate title for this post (that i have had to write twice!) anyway, today i went to the office to work for a few hours b/c one of their regular nurses had to leave due to a death in her family. (and this is the same doc i worked for for a few years plus have on and off since 2003, plus is the doc for micah and i-or is it me?) anyway, i knew i would get the chance to see my doc and ask her further questions about my thyroid ultrasound. the ultrasound came back that i have at least one solid nodule in each lobe of my thyroid. i asked what else we needed to do and she said we could do the scan (which we have been trying to avoid b/c i have small kids and it involves nuclear medicine) or a biopsy. with the biopsy, all i would find out about is the actual nodule that is being biopsied. with the scan, we can see how many are in there, which ones are functioning (hot-which is usually benign) or which ones are cold (non functioning-more indicative of a malignancy.) and i told her i would work it out, that i wanted the most information i could get so we can get this show on the road. (this issue with doing the scan is that i can't have direct contact with the kids, especially ally claire for 2 days. i will be "radioactive"...hence "glow little glow worm".) we aren't gonna like it one bit, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. if the nodules show up as cold, then we would biopsy those. if they are hot, then that is great and are benign. i'll let you know that i, in no way, present as if i have a malignancy. we are hoping for the best case of this being just an acute presentation of thyroiditis. my labs are already looking better and i've been decreased on my medication from 3xday to 2xday. and that was just with 2 weeks of therapy.

so...what to pray for?? glad you asked! my schedule is:

march 12 & 13-- my thyroid scan (take med on the 12th at 8, get first set of pics at 2 and then again the next morning at 8)

march 25--repeat lab work

march 30--follow up with doc

and now, for keeping it AWESOME picture of a frazzled momma at the end of a loooooong day with no make up. i'm doing you a favor by showing you the end of the day and not the beginning. only those closest to me are allowed to see that. (can yall see the excitement in my eyes, what with having 3 kids, a fouled up thyroid, and showing my house for the FOURTH time this week? again, add that in...if you can remember.)

how on EARTH am i gonna resist this face for 2 days???


Susannah said...

Oh! I don't know how you'll resist that beautiful face for 2 WHOLE days!!! I will say a prayer for a clean bill of health. Good luck on the house showing! ;)

Sabrina said...

Such a precious picture!!! I will definitely be praying for best outcome on your tests.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

My mom went through all of this thyriod mess...the biopsy was very painful. =(

I hope you get great results...and I'm sure there are plenty of people who will love on Ally Claire for 2 days in your absence!!

kathy said...

Brandi's sister, Natalie, had two granulomas in her thryroid when she was 15. We went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to see the Dr. that wrote the textbooks for docs in this field. He said they had done a study for many years, and that women in the Southeast and I think midwest have more thyroid problems then anywhere else inthe country. It has to do with environment, water, soil, etc. Most are benign. Hope this makes you feel better. Kathy Granger

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

How sweet of Kathy Granger! She is precious.
Ok- it's Micah and me.
And you are going to do great!
I will keep praying for you, your doctors and your tests. And I know those 2 days away will be hard, but aren't you glad you won't be going all Chernobyl on your kids?
Just try to keep the same current number of body parts you currently have. Keep us updated!

WV: Numbo- what Dumbo's 3 year old friends called him

Anonymous said...

If nodules are less then 1 cm in diameter the boipsy is not usually necessary.
If solid nodules are not hypoechoic [does not have internal blood flow, microcalcification and have well defined borders they are most likely benign.
Larger solid nodules are usually palpable and/or visible with neck extended and during swallowing.

Becky said...

there is one that is a 10mm heterogeneous round nudule in the left lobe and one that is a 7.6 mm solid nodule that has a hypoechoic rim in the right lobe. and this was by ultrasound.

Becky said...

oh, none are palpable and my only symptom is tachycardia (which i'm already on inderal for.) and i didn't even realize i was tachycardic.

Anonymous said...

The 10 mm nodule is the one which may needed to be biopsied only if it is "cold" based upon RAI scan; the small nodule with hypoechioic rim is most likely is benign;the hypoechoic rim is the sign blood flow AROUND the nodule vs the one inside of the nodule.
The dose for RAI scan is a LOT lower then the RAI therapy dose.
Best of luck

Darby said...

Becky, Wow OT knows their stuff... all I can offer is prayers! Please keep us posted!!

Becky said...

i sure will. and O.T., can you email me? address at the side.

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