Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 months already!!

i took better pics than i thought, so i'll just load you up with ally claire goodness. yall, i just love her. i love her to a million pieces. she was looking me dead in the eyes yesterday while we were smiling and cooing and i just got all weepy. she had a rough start, but she is mine all mine and definitely every little thing i prayed for.

don't you just want to eat her???


Kristin said...

Hi Becky...glad you contacted me! I'll be sure to tell Neil that you said hello and tell him what you're up to. Yes, hopefully we can meet up sometime in Troy.

Take care and keep in touch!

Tony and Susan said...

what a cutie patutie! (patootie, pututie, however you spell it :))

Dana said...

so sweet.. and yes, if I was holding her, eating her would be exactly what I would be doing. I just can't resist nibbling on a babies neck.. We have that dress too but in a bigger size I would imagine!

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