Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Monday

so i actually make out my menu on fridays b/c i grocery shop on saturday. and this is what is left of our menu from friday before last (b/c i needed to stretch what i bought last time over 2 weeks!)

Sunday- grilled chicken with roast style potatoes and carrots, yeast rolls
PM--grilled hot dogs

Monday-sweet and sour meat balls with peppers and onions over rice, green salad and mandarin oranges

tuesday--chicken quiche, mashed potatoes, english peas

wednesday--homemade veggie/beef soup, corn muffins

thursday--BBQ pork loin, baked beans, corn on cob, salad

friday--some kind of chicken...or i'll save the chicken for saturday and choose friday as our "out to eat" night.

out to eat doesn't necessarily mean load us all up and go to a restaurant like it did 3 mere months ago. sometimes it's just ordering pizza. but it means i don't have to do dishes or bother with prep. i usually have 1-2 meals a week that we "eat out". always one. a girl needs a break!!

tomorrow, i will let you know how tonight's meal goes. it is new for us. also on tasty tuesday, a picture along with ingredients for my current favorite treat/dessert!!

also, i have a often do you grocery shop? do you use coupons? do you just use what you have or do you scour the papers and go to multiple stores?


Manicuh said...

Yum, chicken quiche...haven't had that in a while.

Tony and Susan said... shopping either goes to the one who it not pregnant, the one who does not have a bum knee, the one who wants to get out of the house more, or the one who loses the battle on how tired they are. ideally, we go as a family. we actually enjoy grocery shopping as a family. when i'm working, though, it's tougher so we just kind of go whenever we can carve out time. we use coupons when we have them (thanks mom for clipping and mailing) AND remember to take them. we usually go to walmart because shopping at publix is not a pleasure (just kidding publix mafia!). we usually eat whatever "oh crap, we have to eat tonight...what do we have all of the ingredients for?" or else we grossly overspend our eating out budget. or we have popcorn for a meal.

in conclusion, i obviously don't have a handle on that but really hope i do before the babies start eating our food!!!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Your list sounds wonderful and new to me. I feel like I get stuck in the same rut for months, sometimes.
I am a huge coupon-er. I use, shop the sales and (I think) save some $$. It's like a game in my head. But when harris was AC's age, you could forget that nonsense. It took me a while to get my game back.

The HoneaBees said...

I definitely use coupons, and shop at Walmart and Publix. I only go to Walmart twice a month or less if possible because I usually spend too much. I buy my nonperishables there or at Costco. I refuse to buy anything fresh (i.e. milk, bread, meat, etc) at Walmart because I just can't get past the fact that it is Walmart. It just doesn't seem right to buy meat from we have got sick from their milk too many times to count. I always have both kids in tow (pushing a stroller and pulling the cart) so I have to have a complete list. It's hard to think, push, pull, and hand out snacks at the same time. I like Publix because they will at least help me to the car.
I also buy Costco brand when available. I LOVE the wipes and the diapers are made by Huggies and are equivalent to Huggies Supreme. Worth the savings definitely when you have 2 in diapers.
Thanks for the menu BTW. I am in a HUGE dinner rut right now and I am so tired of the same ol junk. Sissy only eats certain things, so it's hard to come up with something everyone will eat. And I refuse to make 3 different meals for supper. Keep those menus coming! Maybe in your spare time you could add some recipes! haha

Kellie said...

My husband (bless his heart) does the grocery shopping (since having 3 children in 3.5 years) Also, I work 32 hours a week, so when I'm home ALL my children are home + he would rather do the grocery shopping than stay with all 3 children!!!!!! He does usually take at least 1 of the older ones with him - we shop at Winn Dixie b/c it's down the street from our house and usually has pretty good specials - we grill out alot and add a starch and vegetable to that - keep it simple!!!!

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