Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's tasty tuesday

well, this was not what was originally on the menu today, but it's what we are having. it was a long day with mother's morning out for luke and our house showing for the 2nd time in 3 days after a month long drought, which meant i just stayed out all morning b/c we live 20 minutes the opposite direction from school. i dropped luke off after making we were all ready and the house was all a snazz, and headed with seth and ally claire to the mall to the play area. (everyone should have one of those. it has spongy carpet and soft rubber toys that can be climbed on and jumped off of. after playing for an hour that included 2 trips to the family restroom (seriously, another must have!!), we picked micah up from work and went around the corner to bridge street for some lunch. we decided we would try connors steak house b/c they were supposed to have really good stuff for good prices at lunch. i wasn't all that impressed. but that was probably b/c i had to box mine right up b/c sister just doesn't feel the need to nap in public very well so i had to leave and walk her around...which meant seth wanted to come with me and use the potty for what would be his 4th visit since leaving the house 2 hours prior. (and he pottied 2 more times before we got home, giving him an average of every 30 minutes...seriously, he will go to every potty under the sun when we are out, but won't walk the 5 feet to his own potty half the time anymore.) so we didn't really get to eat lunch with daddy, but we did hit up some maggie moos for some super yum ice cream. (did i mention the 10 lbs i had gained back? i'm sure birthday parties and ice cream lunches do NOT contribute to it.) but the chocolate better batter was good and i didn't mind missing out on my cheese steak, which wasn't good reheated, so i tossed it. and chocolate better batter is just that...it tastes like chocolate cake batter...i die!!) sister screamed her head off all the way to get luke, then all the way home (total time in car was 30-40 minutes) and then i fed her a bottle and put her in the bed, where she is still sleeping. seth's nap was short and luke's was non-existant. early bed for everyone tonight!! (did i mention that seth came to our room last night with a bad dream about a ferris wheel?? he and luke are on a new "i'm scared" kick.)

all of that to say, you probably have this recipe, but we are having breakfast casserole tonight and this is my recipe!

Breakfast Casserole

1 tube refrigerated crescents, rolled out and seams pressed together

1 2/3 c frozen shredded hashbrowns

1/3 c cooked bacon pieces (i use the hormel kind in a bag--or whatever meat you want. sometimes i use diced ham and add bell peppers!)

2/3 c shredded cheese blend (whatever you like)

5 eggs, whisked (can use egg beaters in equal amount)

salt & pepper

press the cresents together in the bottom of a 13x9x2 pyrex dish. scatter the hashbrowns, then bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, salt and pepper. bake at 350 until eggs are set and crescents have browned. serve with fruit. (you can also omit the hashbrowns from the casserole and serve them on the side!)


Tony & Susan said...

breakfast casserole is always a yummy one!

Dana said...

You never disappoint. Even on crazy days. I'm always wishing I was at your house for dinner.


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