Thursday, September 4, 2008

thankful thursday

i hate that i have let my reading public down the last couple of weeks with what a few feel is a favorite from my blog. so here we go...thankful thrusday at an allergy induced fog.

1. I'm thankful that i have friends that are smarter than me who can tell me how to take better pictures with my point and shoot camera. dana, i still think you should consider some professional things in the future. (and who knew you could also learn things from your owner's manual. i actually have one of the rockinest "point and shoot" cameras. It's a kodak easyshare Z710, if you were wondering.)

2. I'm thankful that both boys are in preschool on thursdays. i will get to have alone time with ally claire as a baby just like i got to do with both boys.

3. i'm thankful that ally claire has decided she will stick with sleeping through the night. she just doesn't realize now how much more i love her than i did a month ago!!

4. i'm thankful that i will be able to donate blood for the first time in 5 years this saturday. i'm all about donating whatever you can, and now that i'm done with babies, i can do it again. now, my next goal is to get on that bone marrow donor list.

5. I'm thankful that i have a rockin hubby who will wash bottles and dishes at the end of a long day. he is super neato and i love him to pieces. he's my best good friend.

6. I'm thankful that seth had a great first day of preschool. i was seriously worried due to the hitting and back talking issues that we have at home. but he had no problems and they are all super impressed with his mad pottying skills. (because of his fall birthday, he is about to turn 3 and is in the 2 year old class where being potty trained isn't required yet.)

7. I'm thankful that i took the time today to really play with my boys. we were outside and i taught them the beauty of just running around the yard kicking a ball...and the benefit of just running. micah (my afore mentioned best good friend) laughed at me "racing" with the boys. they loved it so that's all that matters.

8. I'm thankful that monica is going to come see us in a couple of weekends. i miss her.

9. I'm thankful that Palin came out and kicked some democratic tail last night. i'm impressed. i'm also thankful that alabama came out and kicked some tail. ROLL TIDE!!!

10. I'm thankful that tomorrow is friday. I love the weekend!!


Dana said...

Yea! for learning more about your point and shoot! Great pictures. Glad I could help. Btw, most of the the info I gave you probably originally came from a book called, "Photography for Dummies". So I'm not quite so sure about that smarter than you part. :).

Manicuh said...

miss you too (in "Mechelle voice")

Tony and Susan said...

i am once again thankful for thankful thursday! one day i'll stop being such a loser and actually do this!

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