Sunday, September 21, 2008

birthdays- part 1

my boys, luke and seth are almost 2 years apart. their birthdays are seperated by about 3 weeks with luke's being october 7, 2003 and seth's being september 13, 2005. they are best freinds and worst enemies. they could kill each other, and i'm sure would also kill for each other...when they know what that means...anywhoooo....

since seth's first birthday, the boys have shared a party. the first year we had a toy story party. for luke it was his absolute favorite movie. for me, who also loves the "toy stories", it was kind of symbolic. woody was the one and only and the favorite until something shiny and new came along. then he had to share the spotlight and affections of their owner. but luke was never jealous. he loved his brother and didn't mind sharing his party. last year they shared a party, but we had a split theme in spiderman and blue's clues. this year, our party was a pirate party. (pictures from that are in a blog to come.) however, since they share a party, i do let them have their own cake on their actual birthday (which is also the day they open their gifts from us.) this year, seth chose elmo...kind of out of the blue b/c he hasn't been watching elmo, but his most beloved "baby" is elmo. so i guess that is why on "his day", elmo and seth were kings. (side note...seth started preschool this year, but one day a week. luke goes 2 days. luke on tues and thurs and seth only on thurs. so when i had to take luke on the first tuesday back, i repeatedly had to tell seth "this isn't your day...thursday is your day." so when his birthday came, he kept asking me "is today my day?" and i said "yes, baby. today is all about you. this is your day!") so, all of that to get to these couple of cutie pie pics. pictures from the pirate party are to come, so stay tuned! this is my baby boy on "his day".

does anyone else's kids just eat the icing??

opening gifts, yet again in underwear...anyone noticing a theme??


Vaughn said...

Enjoy thr Elmo days! Morgan will be 12 on Wednesday.....12, can you believe that I have a 12 year old? I remember the days when she wanted ckes like that. Now all she wants is big girl stuff!! Time flies!

Lisa said...

Nicholas just eats the icing, but Nolan will eat the cake too. Don't worry about the underwear. Nicholas is going thru that phase too. I figured it will correct itself in a couple of weeks when it gets cold :)

Manicuh said...

I don't mind the undies so much!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Luke and Seth!

Awesome cake and nice underwear!

Tony & Susan said...

awe! yay! happy birthday seth!! at a birthday party recently, i was wondering why all of the kids' cupcakes looked weird and it was because they licked the icing and just left the cupcakes sitting on the table. it was funny!

and how did i get so far behind on your posts?

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