Friday, September 19, 2008

calling all dothan girls

in light of a comment made on my last post, i am calling all dothan girls, present and past!!! what would you think of getting together if you are gonna be in town for thanksgiving?? i'm guessing that even if we don't live there anymore, most of us still have parents that do! now i'm choosing thanksgiving as a selfish personal preference b/c that is when we go down for the holidays (plus, most people get an extra day off!)

anyway, i just thought it might be a neat way to reconnect since so many of us have found each other again through the blog world. also, it would give some of us a chance to meet people we have been blog stalking didn't directly know back in the day!

so if you are gonna be in dothan during that time and are interested, email me (see the side) and maybe some folks can help me get a hen party together!


Kellie said...

would love to, but my parents live in B'ham now!!!! Have fun- hope it works out!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

I'm a Dothan girl. I went to HA. I've also reconnected/blog stalked several people that I remember from middle school.
Your idea sounds fun.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Sara Skaggs. I went to HA. I graduated in 1996. I went to UA after that.
My mom owned Southern Stars Gymnastics Academy back in the day, so if you were living in Dothan you were most likely enrolled as a gymnast or cheerleader.
My cousins are Nicole, Lyndsay, Brent and Natalie Skipper from NHS.
Does that help?!?!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

well, let's trade links on our blogs. your blog helped me get in touch with many old friends. =)
keep in touch.
and, let me know if you ever escape to vegas!

Darby said...

Hey Becky, Sounds like fun! This is our year to go to my parents for Thanksgiving... we do every other year. But our plans aren't set in stone. Let me know if you make plans and I'll try to be there if I'm in town!!!

Melissa said...

Not a Dothan girl but will only be about 45 minutes away in Elba over Thanksgiving! We celebrate that Thursday with one family and Friday with the other. Other than those times, I'm open if you don't mind a foreigner in the mix!

Brandi Bartee said...

Unfortunately we won't be in Dothan for Thanksgiving and will be in Tuscaloosa for the UA/AU game. I will try and coordinate with you next time we are planning a trip down south. Sounds like a great idea.

Lisa said...

Count me in! Let me know that plans and I'll pass it on to Julie, Anna, Abby and Rachel. I know Anna will be home for Thanksgiving.

becky said...

ok, so what i'm thinking we need to do is...whoever can get together will and then, seriously, a few of us need to spearhead a serious girl get together!! it doesn't have to be in dothan (but a lot of us have free lodging there!!) we'll look into it after the holidays or early spring.

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