Monday, September 29, 2008

hooked on phonics + a menu

luke hasn't started real school yet. he has the fall birthday (and while i'm thinking about it, does it seem weird to anyone else that school starts in august and the birthday deadline is still september? shouldn't they move it back to july or something??) anyway, luke is, however, in preschool. and lately he wants to know how to spell things. in class on thursday, he drew his family and his gorilla from tarzan that he had unearthed the night before (Turk). and he included Turk in the drawing and even labeled him..."Grilu". come on, say it to yourself..."gril-u"...gorilla. and today he told me pooh was spelled P-U. well, that makes sense. and he showed me where he wrote his name, which is Luke Wallace Tucker. he knows how to spell luke and tucker, but we don't really spend a lot of time on middle names. he spelled it "Wolis". (and still thinks i spelled it wrong.) smarty pants. i'm proud of misspelled words. like any mama should, i think he's a genius!

and for anyone who is interested, here is our Menu Monday:
Sunday-veggie soup and corn bread

Monday-chicken casserole (same as poppyseed chicken cass, only no seeds b/c i'm too cheap to buy them, sweet potatoes, butter beans

Tuesday-spaghetti and meatballs (which i have never done), salad, garlic bread

Wednesday-stuffed potatoes (or something else)

Thursday-chicken fajita "hobo"

Friday--hotdogs and fries

nothing exciting. but i will try to keep up with tasty tuesday and include a new recipe. tomorrow is our field trip day with luke's preschool class to tate pumpkin farms, so it will probably come late (unless i do it tonight...i know you are just absolutely riveted by my posts and will be sitting on the edge of your seats...are you laughing?? i'm laughing.)


Manicuh said...

Tell Luke it's ok-I sometimes spell my name "Molvku" too.

becky said...

well, he got the mo and the i'm just concerned about the lv. but he's still 4, so i'm impressed!

Susannah said...

I love your menus. I think I'm going to start following them too! Thanks!

Dana said...

Hey, I made non poppyseed chicken casserole last night! I mean, you never know when you might have to take a drug test anyway..

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