Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful thursday

today, i am going to make thankful thursday all about products that make my life soooo much easier. some things i can't live without. (i was going to include pictures, but my internet keeps going in and out tonight, so it will have to wait!!)

1. sound machine--i discovered the need for white noise while i was in college. when i went home the first Christmas break it took me a few nights to realize why i couldn't sleep...i couldn't hear the constant whir of the microfridge and air conditioner. a fan helped. when my kids were babies, i got them use to the sound...i can hear theirs over the baby monitors.

2. tea maker--i'm not good at making tea on the stove, but turn me loose with a tea maker by mr. coffee...and i make the bestest sweet tea outside of an alabama mexican restaurant. many folks would agree.

3. shout--i became a lover of the shout laundry remover when luke was a baby. he had the most terrible reflux. a little shout gets even sweet potatoes out of clothes.

4. a microwavable bowl--this particular one is by the pampered chef. this is how i make "mama's spaghetti" in a jiffy for my little picky eater. and i also cook my corn on the cob in it (along with other things).

5. baby wipes--i have no idea how many of these things i go through a day. between ally claire and two messy boys, we go through plenty. i've also been known to snatch one and dust with it.

6. clorox wipes--again, with 2 messy boys, and now that i'm a germaphobe b/c of ally claire, i am a wiping machine. that should be my new occupation...professional wiper. i swear i am always wiping something...butts, noses, tables, fingers...

7. toaster oven--between that and the microwave, i am really surprised i use my real oven at all. (but i do, basically every day!) but it is the perfect size to cook 1/2 of a totinos pizza for a picky little man. and talk about cranking out a rockin grilled cheese...

8. a sam's card--we go through 3 gallons of milk a week. we go through a loaf of bread a week. i buy frozen chicken fingers, cereal and snacks there. i don't even want to know what my grocery bill is gonna be when these people are teenagers. i will have to go back to working full time by then i can just bet.

9. flip flops--obviously the reason they enhance my life are self explanitory. and i am in mourning as we are closing in on the end of flip flop season.

10. micah tucker--he makes my life muuuuuuuuch easier. and much more enjoyable. he is a big helper and i am super proud to be his. both of our lawn mowers quit about 2 weeks ago. well, we borrowed our neighbor's push mower, which we then offered to buy since she is moving and won't need it. (our push one died first.) then, when the riding mower bit the dust, my hubs mowed our entire yard...with the push mower. did i mention we have 3/4 of an acre?? yeah.


Brandy said...

I love reading your thankful thursdays and i can always relate! i need to start a "thankful" list...have a good weekend...and i finally updated!

Tony and Susan said...

move to florida! flip flop season never ends!!

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