Friday, September 12, 2008

sooooo big!!

the last couple of days, ally claire has done so much better with her naps. i am seriously praising the Lord on that one. i also noticed that she would end up in the very top corner of her crib when she would wake up from naps. she is a belly sleeper, so i wasn't sure how she was getting up there. but it looked like she was pushing with her toes. and today, when i got her up from her nap, the child was on her back! she rolled over!!! so big. plus, i painted her toenails yesterday b/c i just couldn't help myself!


Amy Lu said...

you painted the child's toes? *sighs*

If you pierce the ears I'm coming after you.

Tony and Susan said...

i need to paint claire's toes! i have to try to figure out how to do it while she is asleep and how to not wake her up. and then i'm afraid she'll eat the polish because her toes are her favorite snack! on second thought, maybe i'll have to wait :). i want to see pics of the cute toes!

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