Monday, September 22, 2008

blogging on...

thanks to harriette, i am now going to blog about blogging. i'm never one to turn down a challenge!!

1. How long have you been blogging?
actually a couple of years. but i deleted my first blog due to a problem with difference of opinion and i'll leave it at that.

2. What are the good things blogging has brought to your life?
it has helped me get in touch with soooo many friends and keep up with ones that live close. it has encouraged me that we are all in this thing (mommyhood/life) together and no one gets out alive!!

3. What would you consider the pitfalls?
it is addictive. i check my blog/ere go checking my friends blogs several times a day. hey, my friends live in my computer!!

4. Tell us about your blog name. Ever think of changing it? If so, to what? Why?
The Tucker Times...b/c this is the life and times of the tuckers. why change is, afterall my life!

5. Knowing what you know now, was starting a blog a good thing for you? Why or why not?
yes. but i wish i wouldn't have deleted the earlier one just because some people didn't think i should share my life or opinion. funny, those same people continue to read it now, but have become less opinionated...

6. How do you think blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere has changed since you started?
no changes, just lots more people doing it
what happened to 7?

8. Ultimately, what would you like your blog to accomplish for you or others?
for me, it is my way to remember the little things that are said and done while my kids are little. it's also my way to reach out to other moms to see if they are going through the same thing or to let them know they are not alone. also, i just hope it shows my true personality and the fact that i covet to be an eternal child of the King and long for a home with Him.

9. Name something or a few things that bug you and expound. We want your unfettered opinion(s). Shouldn’t be blog related.
right now it's the fact that seth is being stubborn as a mule. he just is too lazy to go pee in the potty some days. he has been potty trained since at least march, and he just doesn't want to stop what he is doing. yesterday, we found him in his room, no underwear, wet carpet and he had...peed in a barrell that goes on a dump truck. there goes my theory of if they are naked, they won't pee on the floor. so...he has to earn underwear by going without any pants for 2 days. fortunately sister isn't old enough to be warped by seeing her brother naked all day.

10. Tell us about one of your best childhood memories.
anything that involves camp wiregrass. but another is my parents were still married. i had to memorize all of the books of the Bible before i could get my much coveted white leather zipper Bible with my name on it. and when i did it, we all went to the mall and we all got new Bibles.

11. Describe your perfect day.
if i am on a beach, nothing is ruining that day.

12. Do you have a hobby that you love?
sewing, blogging, cooking

13. Tell us the best and the worst thing about being you.
the best thing about being me is that i am completely big hearted. i genuinely WANT to do something for anyone i can. the worst thing is that sometimes i open my mouth before i know if i can actually do something, meaning just b/c i may want to, doesn't mean i will actually have time or money to follow through. but i ALWAYS ALWAYS try. i cannot stand it when i can't do what i had so hoped to do.

14. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
to be honest, i cannot remember. it takes a LOT to embarrass me b/c i can typically just roll with it...
15. What blog related thing bugs you?
that i seem to have a lot of readers, and not a lot of commentors. i like feedback people. i am in need of validation lol!!!
16. Personal stuff:How old are you? 30
Married? Yes, to Micah, my college sweetheart. together for 11.5 years, married almost 8
Children? 3--Luke Wallace (almost 5), Seth Jackson (3), and Ally Claire (3.5 mos).
If so, homeschool, private, or public? well, right now, our church preschool. but i'm public all the way. you can go to school for free.
Favorite season? Fall. i love everything about, the sound of the bands practicing, the cool air (but not cold)...fall is just delicious!
Favorite pass time? computer stuff, sewing, just hanging out with the family
17. Favorite color? green and yellow
18. Favorite movie? the notebook
19. Favorite song? i will never be able to narrow that down. music absolutely moves me. it is my personal form of worship
20. Mac or PC? PC
22. Dog or Cat? 2 dogs (Bosley and Abby)
23. Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate
24. Diet Coke, Sweet Tea or Evian? between those, sweet tea. otherwise, diet DP
25. Steak, Chicken or Shrimp? yes please...

and i won't tag anyone in particular b/c i don't like to make folks feel left out.


CL said...

Hey girl! I'm one of your reader's that doesn't comment much. A lot of people in the blog world concentrate on raising kids and marriage and all and I'm not doing all that right now. I'll try to contribute more!

Tony & Susan said...

and now blogger is messing up my signature again.

Tony & Susan said...

thanks for sharing! how's that for validation :)

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