Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for Boomerang. you know, by the cartoon network. it can be a good babysitter distraction when you MUST get housework that you have put off for weeks done.

I am thankful that when people see you after you have a baby, they feel obligated to tell you you look good, even though you lost all your baby weight and put back on about 10 a few lbs in the last 3 months. people are sweet like that.

I am thankful that tomorrow is national "talk like a pirate day". or at least that's what my cousin told me. even so, in honor of our pirate party on saturday, i think i will have us talk like a pirate tomorrow to get ready. (i also need to crank out a treasure map during that time. hopefully i'll be inspired.)

I am thankful for complete strangers. I mention a lot of thursdays that i love my blog friends. i mean, can any woman have too many friends? (and i still say we need to have one great big blog girl get together one of these days!! hey--let's have a baby shower for tara!! that's a good excuse!)

I am thankful for takeout. I am eating it twice today and I don't care...well, I don't care too much...not enough for it to bother me.

I'm thankful I have fall babies. Their party always has the most PERFECT weather!! that way, we party outside and i don't have to clean my house like i would if strangers were coming (cause i AM OCD like that.)

and now it's been a few hours since i first sat down to be thankful and my brain is fried. i'm not even gonna proofread. just know i'm thankful today!


Amy Lu said...

since it seems you need proof.....

Tara said...

I love your Thankful Thursdays. And we don't have to have a particular reason for a party (though that is sweet of you) to get together. Let's just get together soon! Maybe over Thanksgiving or Christmas when people are coming to Dothan. Also, I'm a big fan of takeout myself these days.

becky said...

that is hilarious, ames! do i want to know how you found that??

Lisa said...

Let me know how your pirate party goes! Nicholas is going to have one in November for his b-day. I'm all about stealing your ideas :)

I'll be home at Thanksgiving if you all want to meet somewhere. Anna Blumenfeld will be home too.

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