Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my friends, the Tate's. They helped supply a ton of clothes for my boys. (Unfortunately, this winter season is the last of what we have from them. But between what we have and what they gave us, Sethy will be looking super-fly!)

I am thankful that new shows are starting to come on again. I have missed nightly dates with some of my faves and the faves that Micah and I share...that gives us a couple of late night dates on the weekend.

I am thankful for the inventor of the DVR. you are sheer genius and I'm greatful you give poor parents date nights (see above.)

I am thankful for my super ghetto-yet super yummy supper last night. It was Hamburger Helper (hey, i need an off night sometimes) Cheesy Enchilada. I add in a can of Mexicorn and a can of black beans and serve with tortilla chips. I could seriously eat the whole dang box myself!!

I am thankful for fall. It is the rock-star of all seasons and should come around at least twice a year. It looks like we may have more than 2-3 weeks of it this year and I could just sop it.

I am thankful that my hubs sees the importance of doing as many things with me when I have all of the kids as possible. He comes to every OB visit, then to every pediatrician appointment, and even to the menial target photos this weekend. (I normally am not good to have pics made outside of the first year, but I'm tired of people asking me if I have any professional pics of them. This is as professional as my pocketbook is gettin' folks.)

I am thankful that today is preschool day for both boys and I am going to sit home this morning and do NOTHING but flirt with my baby girl. (Have i mentioned how absolutely delicious she is??)

I am thankful that since it is officially fall, I can put up my fall decorations and really get into the spirit. I can also start looking up some fall recipes to entice yall for tasty tuesdays. (Dana, stay tuned!)

I am thankful that most people don't mind a little blog stalking and that we all do it! I mean, there are some seriously talented folks in this world and we could all benefit. Plus, you never know, you can visit cities upon cities and always have a friend to see!


Dana said...

What? Hamburger Helper is taking the night off? Man... Looking forward to those fall recipes :)

becky said...

well, not completely taking the night off. that's tonight when i go get steak out!!

Kellie said...

Amen sister!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

I've been meaning to say this...I LOVE your new layout;) Who did it for you?

becky said...

look down on the right side of my page. a super awesome girl named Hilary did it. She has done one for most of my friends. Click on her badge and it will take you to her homepage!! i still need to send her some cashes...

Kellie said...

please feel free to add a link to on your blog - it's free advertising for her! Thanks!

Tony and Susan said...

you are totally correct about the dvr genius!!! i love our time on the couch chillin watchin our shows!

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